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How to Achieve Maximum Success with Products

How to Buy Bean Bag Chairs Online

Bean bag chairs are not often not sold in conventional stores, at least not the topnotch quality kind. Most likely, if you’re thinking of buying a bean bag chair, you’ll need to do it on the web, which means you won’t be able to actually see it or touch the product. Therefore, before you place that order, be sure to make a few basic considerations so you end up with a bean bag chair you and your family will appreciate.


First off, does the manufacturer provide a warranty for the bean bag chair? Many products out there are sold without any warranties. Whether it’s 30 days, 5 years or a lifetime, the warranty terms and period should be crystal to you.

The Cover

Is the bean bag chair covered with something that you can remove and clean (usually by washing)? Remember that some removable covers couldn’t be taken off the chair, which is no good. In that case, the cover will end up restricting the lifespan of your chair. Even if you spot clean, the cover will not remain clean for a long time. Over time, you will want to wash the cover, but since you cannot remove it, you will probably decide to throw the chair – and your money – away.

Inside the Bean Bag

Polystyrene bead fill will make the chair light and easy to move around, but because the material breaks down with time, you will need to refill the bean bag after a while. This can be a bit costly, and it may be hard to find polystyrene beads at a friendly price. Polyurethane foam fill might be preferable, as it is super soft and comfy and doesn’t integrate, which means refills are totally out of the question.


Before you purchase a bean bag chair, consider the material used as filling. Does the manufacturer comply with safety regulations? Does the fill leak off harmful gases into your home, and is it carcinogenic? Does the product have safety features, like a child-safe zipper? These are all crucial considerations when buying any type of furniture for your home. Order a safe bean bag whose manufacturer cares about the health of their customers and of the environment.

Customer Service

Finally, if you are uncertain about what you are getting, call or email the manufacturer. There is no use for not responding in a timely manner. Errors can be costly when it comes to Internet purchases. So before placing an order for a bean bag chair, know as much as you can about it. Customer reviews can be extremely useful, provided you choose reputable sources (steer clear of marketing websites that are more often than not misleading).

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